Watch Fantasy Movies – Compare The Wonder and Make it a Party

It is something that unites us and can make us all understand the real life better,Watch Fantasy Movies – Compare The Wonder and Make it a Party Articles as we observe the reel life. Movies have often been considered as the best way to affect ones thoughts and believes and even though they may not be able to change us completely, they do leave a lasting impression. The creativity of movies comes out best when the whole story is an imagination and it is not just an interpretation of the real life. Such movies are called fantasy movies and they too have sub genres like historical fantasies and urban fantasies.

Fantasy Movies are getting more and more popular every day, as the new age technology adds up to the ability of turning the imaginations into reality. As there is no limit to imagination, they often go beyond the facts and science; the same science that makes them possible but is still challenged by the movies.

We all have our own fantasies and we do think about them once in a evan peters one tree hill while; but to depict such a fantasy on screen is an arduous task. It is never easy to make a fantasy movie as it requires lot of special effects, expensive sets and costumes. But it is also true that these movies are the ones that hit the biggest number at box office and thus provide enough revenue to make the sequels. One of the best examples in this scenario is the “Star Wars Episodes”. As the initial budget was low, the later part of the story were turned into movies first, while the remaining ones were made afterwards which included a lot better effects and used cutting edge technology. This is why people often find it weird to watch all the six “Star Wars” movies in correct order of the story. There is no doubt that these movies are considered as the best fantasy movies ever made. The imaginary characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are most popular not just among kids but fans of all age. The outer space battles are very well showcased in a fanciful galaxy far-far away and the movie includes all other essential ingredients like romance, comedy and suspense.

Another set of this kind is “The Lord of the rings trilogy” which demonstrates the adventures and showcases the large battles in this historical fantasy. Some other fantasy movies that got popular include “The never ending story 3”, “Willow”, “Toy Story”, “Princess Bride”, “The pirates of the Caribbean Series”, “Raiders of the lost ark”, “The wizard of Oz” and “Pan’s Labyrinth”. So if you haven’t watched any of these, than you should probably go for them right away.