The Truth About Acai

A lot has been said in recent years about Acai berries and their uses. If you believe all you read then you probably think by now that this is a miracle weight loss products that can also dramatically improve your skin and make you look years younger. I have even seen claims that some acai berry products can improve your sexual performance. Lets look at some facts and see what all the excitement is about.

The Acai berry comes from the Amazon rainforest and it has been discovered that this berry contains a lot of nutrients which are beneficial to people these include essential fatty acids such as Omega 6 and Omega 9. The Acai berry is also rich in vitamins and minerals and has a high level of anti-oxidants. It is the nutrients above that have given rise to this being regarded as a ‘wonderfruit’ and a weight loss product.

The problems come about due to the amount of ‘Acai weight loss products’ now flooding the market, these products commonly lavish wild claims of weight loss and I’m afraid most of the claims are unfounded. Acai berries do contain a high concentration of nutrient value compared to other food stuffs but I’m afraid that popping a couple of pills will not magically make the weight disappear. The nutrients simply do not do this, if this was the case then people popping multivitamins would all be as thin as a rake.

Another claim is that because the tribes of the rainforest who ate the berries were fitter and healthier than people from the west then this must be a weight loss miracle. Not a good comparison I’m afraid as I have a suspicion that junk Buy Cutting SARMs for Fat Loss food, lack of exercise and too high alcohol consumption may not be too significant for the amazon tribes people as it sadly is for many westernized people.

That is not too say that the Acai berry should not be ignored as a nutritional supplement it has some good value and if taking this can supply you with vitamins and minerals for your day to day life then great but why not just get a multi-vitamin instead. These will normally give you 100% of your RDA whereas the Vitamins and Mineral quantities in Acai are nowhere near this and they are also generally cheaper. Again the same can be said for the essential fatty acids that help fight against bad cholesterol, Why not fix your diet and lifestyle so that’s not an issue in the first place?