Sport Specific Speed For Football

Have you been running repeat 100’s? Training for speed on a track? Running repeat 40’s or even 20’s! Do you find yourself training to run in a straight line even though your training for a sport where stop and start, change of direction, and lateral movement are the mainstay of athletic success?

Straight line speed drills, training and techniques trickle down from professional trainer’s combine programs and pretty soon every high school skill player is training for the 40 yard dash year round instead of training for what I will call “sport specific” speed.

Sport specific speed for football means a couple of things ON TOP OF linear speed.

* the ability to accelerate (start)

– If you and another player both start heading in the same direction at the same time, and the ultimate goal is the endzone, but the immediate goal is always 10 or fewer yards away (the first down marker), than the player with the best acceleration will be faster. It is rare that either one of you will reach top speed, but one of you will always be quicker to the hole or to the open space. Training for first step quickness will be key in beating the other guy to the punch. THAT’S football speed.

* the ability to decelerate! (stop)

– This is building off of the ability to accelerate. Think about it. If he is across from you and you start faster than him he is going to have to overreact and take a proper angle to catch you. This angle he creates himself leaves all the cut backs and juking opportunities in the world available, but it means NOTHING if you can’t stop yourself and change direction quickly. People that try to make sharp cuts at high speed ช่องทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ fall on their butt. You need to work on deceleration stopping drills in order to take advantage of your acceleration.

* the ability to change directions (cutting, and being able to move in any direction quickly)

– Have you ever been told that your not very fluid or that you can’t open up your hips well enough? Ever heard a coach say “he just doesn’t have very good footwork” or that he “lacks quick feet”? You need to work on your neuromuscular coordination every chance you get. Learn to sink your hips, chop your feet, and accelerate in and out of cuts and breaks. Once you can stop on a dime and accelerate to full speed out of a cut, you will become almost impossible to stop.