Brotherhood, Respect, and Freedom

I am a football coach and strength coach. I am not a writer. I am not an expert. But I do have lots of opinions. I do not hesitate to share my opinions with those who listen and those who do not.. The nature of this article is about brotherhood, respect, and freedom.

Brotherhood is a strength of character. People who rise above and overcome adversity instead of crumbling before it. People who challenge themselves every day. Loyalty, honor, and integrity are not catch words to be used to manipulate and intimidate others. Loyalty, honor, and integrity are ways of life for a warrior.

Brotherhood means an association of men united for common purposes; a fraternity, union, society, or similar organization, all members of a specific profession or trade. I relate this definition to members of a football team or members of a strength and conditioning program. There will be adversity to overcome during the course of a football game. The true measure of the outcome of the game will be the willingness of the players to get back up and continue the fight for success. The strength and conditioning industry is filled lots of experts with lots of opinions. For me, it comes down to a fraternity of men and women who are not afraid of hard work. I believe most strength programs work. I believe in simplicity and hard work. The job of the strength coach is to help the athlete become the best he can be. The job of the athlete is to first of all “show up” and be consistent in training. The second job of the athlete is to not make excuses. I can not tell you how much I hate hearing an athlete complain. Maybe another article for another time.

Respect means to feel or show esteem for; to honor. In football ufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ and strength, you should be after a common goal….to get better in what you are doing…and to do it together. To fight the good fight as a team, to know that you can count on your teammate when the going gets tough. To encourage athletes under your charge to work as hard as they can to get better for a common cause. Respect means that when a coach wants to help you attain some of your goals, accept his help. Treat coaches and teammates with an attitude that you are all in the same fight, and as band of brothers you can accomplish anything.

For a football player, January – August is your off-season. Hopefully, you and your teammates