5 Tips For Doing a Fantasy Football Draft Auction Style

1. How much do you have to spend

Believe it or not, keeping track of your money in an auction style draft is a pain in the ass. This draft style means that you can’t just eat, drink and be merry. You have to keep track so get a nice big pad of paper and track your team. One more tip, determine how the money is dispersed in a draft and what I mean by that is, do you have to spend at least $1 per player no matter what? or can you blow your wad and then pick players at the end of the draft?

2. Keep track of other teams rosters

Yep, this type of draft is a pain in the ass ufabet ทีเด็ดบอลสเต็ป because you need to know who’s got who and what players are their starters? If you don’t keep track of this then auction drafts are probably not for you because you will suck at drafting and get stuck or have a chance to stick someone and you won’t.

3. Don’t blow your wad early

I’m that guy who gets Chris Johnson at $55 in the middle of the draft because I have the most money and btw, Drew Brees was also my starting QB because I picked up small pieces early. There’s a lot to say about having money in the middle of your draft so save your money and don’t fall in love with any single player.

4. Be the guy with more money at the end

Towards the end of the draft it’s always good to have more money than most. You don’t have to hoard it but once you get down to having $20 while the rest have $10 you have a great position to sneak players in as good backups. Don’t and let me stress this, don’t leave money on the table. One time we had a guy who ended up with $20 left in a $100 draft pot. Ugh, total newbie!

5. Let someone else with less money pony up the stars

When it’s my turn to put out players, it’s usually a Kicker or a 3rd string WR. It’s someone that I can get for under $5 and I wouldn’t mind having on my team but if someone starts to run them up I’m OK with letting go. By putting someone out there with high visibility, it’s a sure move that it’s going to get bid up, again, my philosophy is to come in late and with a lot of cash. I like to be the surprise and not the other way around.